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We hope you will find most of the answers to any questions you may have regarding our site and what we offer to both punters and advertisers. Click on the relevant link below:
FAQ for punters | FAQ for escorts and agencies

FAQ for punters

Q: Are you an agency or directory?
A: We are an escort directory, meaning we list hundreds of independent girls and agencies with whom you need to make direct contact to make a booking.

Q: What's the benefit of using
A: For those last minute, late bookings, in the early hours of the morning we feel we are a really handy resource. Instead of trawling through hundreds of search pages or listings of girls who are long asleep you can use our clearly laid out directory to locate escorts near to you with a clear idea of their opening times. We also give you access to a load of 24 hour escort agencies all in a handy list.

Q: Do I need to register or pay to use the site?
A: No, our site is 100% free to you the punter. We provide all contact details and information for each of our listings and do not require you to log in or register to access this information.

Q: Do you gather any of my personal information through cookies?
A: As we do not ask you to register we therefore do not hold any of your personal information. The only cookies we use on the site or session cookies used for tracking and statistics gathering using Google analytic or other traffic monitoring software.

Q: Are all the photos on the site genuine?
A: We'd like to say we certainly hope so, and we do our best to ensure no fake photos, agencies or independents slip through our net but if you believe a listing to be fake then please use our contact form to notify us.

Q: Until what time can I call the escorts listed?
A: We have tried to provide as much information on the opening times of each individual agency or escort with their listing. On the whole we only list escorts available till late or round the clock.

Q: How can I thank you for hooking me up with an escort when I thought it's too late?
A: Hey, we are really glad you asked that! Please do mention when you make the call to the escort of your choice. That's thank you plenty!

FAQ for escorts and agencies

Q: How can I advertise on this site?
A: We offer a limited number of advertising positions throughout the site, details of which you may find our advertising page.

Q: Do you offer free listings also?
A: We do! As long as you are a London based escort or agency and operate until 12am or beyond and most importantly use GENUINE photos on your site then you can list free with us here.

Q: I work till 10pm or 11pm nightly. Can I still list free with you?
A: Yes you can still list with us but be aware that your listing may appear below those that offer a later service.

Q: Can I list if I am touring London?
A: I am afraid not. We only list escorts based in London and displaying a UK phone number (where applicable)

Q: I don't have a site, can I list free?
A: It's no again. We only offer a free listing to those with their own websites. Also, we can not link to your profile on another directory.

Q: My photos are poor quality. Can I still get listed?
A: We really must insist on high quality photos for your listing, but please do submit your application and allow us to decide on whether they meet our criteria.

Q: I use fake photos that kinda look like me, can I still get listed?
A: You would hate it if you went in to a shop and paid for something that you thought was genuine only to find out it was fake! Our users expect the same service here at so we would disregard any listing applications made using fake photos, or we may politely ask you to verify your photo with us.

Q: Someone on your site is using my photos without my permission. What can I do?
A: We hate that too! Please contact us as soon as you can providing as much information as possible so we can investigate.

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